About us Tutors in Toronto

About us Tutors in Toronto

private tutoring in toronto

We Tutors Because We Care!

We have been established for over 2 decades, so when it comes to customer services we are second to none in the in-home tutoring industry.  We are here for you!  Our agents are caring, patient, and are experienced teachers who will gladly walk you through the tutoring process. 

Our tutors are specialist in the area they teach. You can guarantee that the tutor we send you is knowledgeable about the subject they are teaching. At Tutors For Less we get the process started right away.

We are Canada’s most trusted tutoring agency. We don’t make any false guarantees or sales ploys to make you buy into multiple tutoring hours.  Unfortunately some agencies offer a sales ploy such as a  ”free 1 hour academic assessment” conducted by a salesperson who has never seen your child.  They do this so you can invite them into your home so they can pressure you into buying their bulk tutoring packages.  What they have not told you, is the truth.  A 1 hour assessment conducted by a salesperson is just a ploy to get you to buy tutoring hours.  Your child’s teacher is the best resource to use to find valuable information about your child’s academic needs or strengths to draw an action plan!.  Did you know their 1 hour assessment is rendered useless in the academic scheme of things and they know this but this sales ploy is  their only way to get them into your home.   Would you let a stranger with a neon vest into your home to check you water heater for free? Probably not.  Then don’t allow anyone to Unnecessarily assess your child unless it is their teacher or a school psychologist trained in assessing children academically.

At Tutors For Less our tutors work as a team with you, your child, and your child’s teacher to make sure they are progressing academically.

Take the Tutors For Less Advantage. Professional Tutoring @ the Lowest Price!

We tutor because We care!

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