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We have Tutors in Toronto that teach all subjects and grades!

Since 1994, Tutors For Less of Toronto  has been providing professional home tutoring for  thousands of students in Toronto and other major cities across Canada. Our tutors are specialist in the subjects they teach which means your child will receive tutoring from a qualified Toronto tutor.  At Tutors For Less – Toronto we value the important partnership between home and school. Our tutors work closely with child’s teacher to create a program to fill in gaps in their learningYour child’s teacher is the best person to speak to regarding your son or daughters academic needs.  They see your child everyday and therefore are an important link to achieving academic success.

“Some agencies offer “free academic assessments” for the simple reason that you will invite them into your home.” Find out the real truth behind these free assessments.”

Some agencies insist that your child receive their academic assessment.  Some agencies actually offer a free academic assessment in your home.  Be careful of these these tutoring agencies in Toronto. What these tutoring agencies in Toronto are really doing is allowing you to invite a salesperson into your home to assess your child for about 1 hour.  If you really put it into perspective would you trust an assessment conducted by a salesperson that has never seen your child? Or would your trust your child’s teacher who has seen your child for countless learning hours.  This assessment that is conducted by a salesperson from a tutoring agency is actually a sales ploy and a true academic assessment should only be conducted by your school psychologist. Otherwise you are just wasting your time and you child’s time.

“We are a National Tutoring Agency that is consistent with customer service and we are free from the inconsistencies that may occur with an agency that is franchised”

Our tutoring agency is unique to Toronto.  We are a national tutoring agency and hold no franchises.  This means that you are getting consistent quality from our agents who are certified teachers and education professionals. Agencies that have franchises do not screen who owns their franchise.  Unfortunately tutoring franchises in Toronto don’t have criteria about who owns their franchise.  A Toronto franchise owner could also own your Tim Horton’s, or Pizza Pizza franchise. The owner may have never set foot in a classroom or worked as a tutor. How are they going to hire tutors when they don’t even know what they are looking for.  How are they going to relate to parents or students for that matter, when they themselves have never experienced what it is like to be teaching in a classroom. These tutoring franchise owners are known to hire a salesperson for their ability to win you over and not for their education  or teaching background!

At Tutors For Less Toronto, our agents are caring, patient , experienced and are certified teachers with a thorough knowledge of  the public and private education system in Ontario. Our Toronto Tutors are specialized in what they teach. That means if you asking for tutoring support in a specific subject such as chemistry then you will be receiving a tutor that can teach chemistry because our  Toronto tutors are specialist in the area they teach.  Unfortunately, Some agencies send tutors who are not qualified to teach that subject hoping that their tutor succeeds so that they can make a quick buck.

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Tutors For Less of Toronto provides tutors for

  • English  Grades K-12, I.B., University and College level tutors
  • Science grades K-12, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, college, and University levels tutors
  • Math grades K-12, I.B, Calculus, Vectors, Functions, Applications, Data Management, Statistics, College, and University level tutors
  • E.S.L. T.E.S.L tutors
  • Writing   | remedial and enrichment programs tutoring
  • Reading  | remedial and enrichment programs tutoring
  • Reading comprehension tutors
  • Essay Editing for grades 7-12, University and college course tutoring
  • transcribing services, proof reading,  and copy editing tutors

We provide tutoring services in the following areas

  • Toronto  | North York | East York | City of York | Scarborough | Etobicoke |
  • G.T.A     | Mississauga | Brampton |Thornhill |Richmond hill |Woodbridge | Markham | Maple |

Tutors For Less provide also provides services in

  • Ottawa
  • Vancouver | Victoria | Richmond | Delta | North Vancouver | West Vancouver | Surrey | New Westminister
  • Calgary 
 Please note we are a private 1 on 1 tutoring agency.
If you prefer a tutoring centre with group learning please visit Kumon | Sylvan | Oxford | Academy | Math |  Reading | English | Science |  learning centres. 

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